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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

6 Decades of History

"Check out all of those filing cabinets!".... something that I hear on a regular basis when visitors walk in my office and see my 6 very tall and large filing cabinets full or 6 decades of history. While I was working on filing today I thought I would share an inside look into some of the many memories that these cabinets hold. In these drawers are family trees, catalogs, photos, contracts, magazines and articles, press hits, awards... the list is endless but why you may ask are they all housed together? They are all a mini pieces of the puzzle of the history of Body Glove and Dive N' Surf.

I have spent many a days sitting on this floor with my trusty label maker :)

The Meistrell Family Historical Archive

The very first folder in the file is from 1924 and is ancestry data of the Meistrell family.

Catalog from when Bill and Bob Meistrell won the DEMA Reaching Out Award in 1990

1995 Wetsuit Catalog

Catalog of the Magic Johnson line of Body Glove Orthopedic products
Photo from the 1989 Surfbout of winner Vince De La Pena

Drop Zone LA Magazine with cover from Uncle Bob's Memorial

Files ready to be filed of the history in the making...

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