Splashing Around the World

Adventure, Experiences, New Place, Different Cultures, Beautiful Cities, Nature... all encompass why I love to travel. I may not be able to conquer it all but I will try my hardest to make it around the world leaving little ripples as I go.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ein Schöner Tag in Salzburg

Today Daley and I toured the city all day. It was long but we got to see a lot. Too many photos to post in one blog so here are my favorite photos of the day :) More to come.

 The Salzach River- named that because salt "salt" used to be transported down it.

A wall heart :) 

 It snowed last night so the trees were coated in snow!

 Gorgeous geese on a half frozen lake. The ducks were walking on the ice!

 A view of the fortress from the opposite side of the city.

 A faraway shot of the fortress.

 The Bavarian Alps.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Wir haben die schöne Zeit in Europa. Es friert im Augenblick ein und es gibt Schnee, aber er ist so hübsch. Wir verbrachten unsere ersten zwei Tage in München und dann nahmen gestern einen Zug von München nach Salzburg Österreich. Ok now in English!!!

Daley and I flew over to Munich to work and explore a little. So far it has been an amazing trip. 

 The view from our hotel room in Munich. The name of the hotel is 4Mex which I still don't understand and probably never will.

 Dough balls, I guess a Deutsch food, they are jiggly and what I would equate to a silicone breast implant though I have never seen one :) Not my favorite food but tried it...

 Just a normal night of riding a bronze pig :)

 Not sure why I drank this... probably why I felt so horrible on the train ride yesterday. I don't think beer and tequila really go together!

 Freundin. These crazy people.

 Taking a break from our super german bar called Sausalito we walked around in Munich. The architecture there is so "kuhl."

 A pretty cloudy sky on the train ride from Munich to Salzburg.

 The train station in Munich is so cool. So many trains so many places to go.

 This guy was a little sleepy on the train!

Finally made it to Salzburg!!! 

 Natural Electricity!

 So Schone :)

Wandering the streets. 

 Photo Op!

Ich Liebe Salzburg