Splashing Around the World

Adventure, Experiences, New Place, Different Cultures, Beautiful Cities, Nature... all encompass why I love to travel. I may not be able to conquer it all but I will try my hardest to make it around the world leaving little ripples as I go.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Christian Okoye Foundation/ NFL Pro Bowl Practice

Mark, Brandon and I got to go to the NFL Pro Bowl Practice. Here I am standing next to NY Giant Zac DeOssie's helmet.

The Christian Okoye Foundation partnered with Hooters for a Bikini Contest. The event was sponsored by Coors Light and Bare Foot wine... yum! In the photo is Christian Okoye, Matt Pagan and Kayce Mathess.
Education. Ideas. Sports. The primary mission of the Christian Okoye Foundation is to capture the passion children have for sports, and direct that energy to enhance their educational and personal goals. The Foundation draws at-risk and underprivileged youth by hosting free athletic clinics, where well-known professional athletes coach the kids. Once at the Foundation's events, the kids are given unparalleled training in sports and, importantly, are encouraged to develop business and entrepreneurial skills by the Foundation's corporate sponsors. The Foundation's decision to use athletics as a vehicle for exposing the kids to the business world gave rise to the Foundation's motto, “Education, Ideas and Sports.”
Cheering some Barefoot Champagne.

And of course I have to get a big high five with the Body Glove foam hand!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outrigger Canoeing in Hawaii

What a better way to enjoy the view of diamond head than from out at Tong's surfbreak in an Outrigger Canoe.... It was such a fun afternoon with Matt Pagan, Kayce Mathess, Mark Paaluhi and Stein Metzger.
Diamond Head
Paddling for the wave...
It was a little scary, I didn't want to flip over but here is a great shot of us dropping in!

Enjoying the ride... Shaka!

Thank you Stein Metzger for taking us out!
Photos by Brandon Bowden