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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's An Un-Belize-able Place!

Last December my family got the chance to travel with the group below and go to Ambergis Caye, Belize. This place is a little slice of heaven. Here are some of my favorite memories from the trip...

There were too many photos to show it but this massive log that all of us are standing on was originally a mile down the beach. My dad and Charlie got the brilliant idea that it would look way better on the beach in front of the Rojo Beach Bar & Lounge. It took an afternoon and about 10 people but we eventually got in in the perfect place. Even after a hurricane hit Ambergis Caye last month, the log is still sitting there in front of the bar.

Here is a picture of Rojo Beach Bar and Lounge. If you ever have a chance to visit Ambergis Caye, stopping by here for a cocktail is a must. If you have time for dinner, even better. Their food is AMAZING. Follow their instagram and you will be able to see for yourself. 

Belize is a truly beautiful place. Looking out the front doors of our bungalow at Rojo you can see the gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal blue water. Everyone we meet on the trip was amazing, from the crew at Rojo and especially our divemasters. 

Over the years of diving around the world I have learned a lot about the lion fish and it how it is an invasive species. It is taking over the native landscape of reefs around the world, especially in the Caribbean and the USA and it reduces biodiversity. Typically on trips we see the dive master carry a Hawaiian sling and spear the lion fish. On this trip we all got to take part in the hunt! I typically don't like to spear fish but knowing that these little buggers are killing all the local fish I felt like I was doing something good for the local fish :)

The best part is that they make for good ceviche or fish tacos. After one of our afternoon dives we cooked up some fish tacos and the best ceviche I have ever had!

Another big lesson that we learned while in Belize is their ongoing problem with plastic. A couple miles down the beach this is what it looks like. This is an area of the beach that isn't regularly cleaned. What is more shocking to me isn't that this is dirty, it is that if the other beaches weren't regularly cleaned they would look like this as well. 

The problem stems from lack of proper recycling facilities, other countries near by that don't have proper recycling and plastic getting washed by storms to the islands off Belize... the list goes on and on. Our friends, Charlie and Michelle Croughwell and Vivian Yu have started an organization, Earths Oceans, with the goal of teaching people about single use plastic and proper recycling. They are working with the government in Belize on programs to motivate locals to pick up and recycle this waste. Not only will it make this beach look softer on the eyes but it will make our oceans so much healthier!

A parting gorgeous shot taken from our puddle jumper from mainland Belize to Ambergis Caye.

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