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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fits Like a Glove: The Process

Working on the book on the history of Body Glove was one of the most amazing experiences and life testing projects that I have ever worked on. Last week I was going through all my pictures and I found these from one of the last times we all met to discuss the book and review it. These photos made me smile as I reminisced on how crazy the book writing and publishing process is. Though we were all driving each other crazy going over every little detail we made it through the process and have such an amazing story to share. 

"Fits Like a Glove: The Bill and Bob Meistrell Story" 

Sometimes you just need a little extra energy from Body Glove Surge

Robbie Meistrell pounding his head against the desk with Bob smiling in the background

Billy Meistrell making his final edits

Uncle Bob reviewing the draft

Scott Daley, master of controlling the madness

Frank Gromling, publisher and author, just wanting us to tell him what to do!

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