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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Little Slice of Paradise

One of my favorite parts about traveling is feeling the “rubber band snap”. It might sound weird but I promise its the best feeling ever. It happens when you board a plane and you are heading on a new adventure. You take off, feel the airplane wheels retract, level off at a cruising altitude and games on… best feeling ever… Especially when you are heading to the North Shore.

One of the best parts of traveling is going on mini adventures with friends. On the North Shore there is a great little hike up Bunker Hill and you get an amazing view of the North Shore. Thanks to these peeps for waiting for me!!! Steep hills aren’t always my best friend :) I promise I only fell twice! There is a gorgeous view from the top. So amazing being able to see the lines of waves heading towards Pipeline. 

Nothing like a post hike snack. This trip I learned what Pitaya was and oh my was it tasty. So many awesome food trucks on the North Shore. One of the things that I love most about the North Shore is how healthy you can eat. Maybe not if you go to Ted's Bakery (which I so did) but there are tons of healthy options!

There is nothing better than traveling with a buddy. Lucky girl here got to travel this island with this adventure girl! 

We had one massive house full of a lot of crazies but I wouldn’t have had it any other way… well maybe next time I won’t be sleeping in the bathroom… but it was quite the adventure! With this view it was all smiles. Can't get much better than sunsets on the North Shore a glass of vino :)

So much healthy eating on the North Shore… and the best of all was Beet Box… such an amazing little place in Haleiwa. Definitely my favorite find of the trip! Lionel Richie posters everywhere, the cook rocking out to Fleetwood Mac… such a cool little joint.

This girl always makes the simplest things so much fun. So stoked she talked me into booking a ticket so I could make some guacamole with her :) 20 avocados later and oooooh la la such amazing Guac! 

Even though the view was tough to beat, the best part of the trip was hanging out with everyone. We had a great group of retailers, reps, all of our surfers... just one big happy family :) Here is a shot of the crew hanging out on the deck getting some amazing footage!

Gotta put your toes in the sand one last time in Waikiki before heading home, while singing the Zac Brown band song "A** in the water, Toes in the sand!!!"  ... something like that :) Till next time!

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