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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

J'adore Montreal

Out of most of the cities that I have been to Montreal is one of my favorites and out of all of them one I would actually consider living in had I had a different life.

I'll give you the downsides first. Right now it is unbearably humid. Walking outside I feel like I am being steamed like vegetables. And I will not get a chance to experience it but in the winter it is supposedly freezing (literally minus 30 degrees F). People live underground in the metro. They have a city of shops underground so people don't have to go out into the snow. Pretty crazy!

Ok so the fun part- my favorites:
1. It is gorgeous. It is an old city with modern twists. Walking down the streets you can still find certain areas that have cobblestone roads. The architecture is amazing. There are a lot of old buildings that you could picture what they looked like in Old Montreal.
2. There culture is so diverse. Not only are the people diverse but some speak french and some speak english and all of their signs are in french so the english speaking need to know french at least a little. AND besides knowing two languages sometimes they will even throw in another one like German or Spanish... you know just to mix it up a little. Sehr Kuhl in my mind.
3. Um have I mentioned the food. I think it is the best food I have ever eaten. I will probably go on a fast at home because our food will not compare. I will say that even though their food is good they do have some odd dishes that I had to try because "when in montreal"... The dish is called Putine. It is french fries, gravy and cheese curd (sometimes pork) and it is surprisingly good. I had a let say gourmet one and then the fast food type and I have had my fair share of poutine for a year at least.
4. It is only an hour drive to Vermont where their is a super large lake 120 miles long called Lake Champlain. Gorgeous but a little cold for my taste but still loved it. Being on the water whether ocean, river or lake... it just puts me in a happy place.
5. They have an awesome metro for when in the city and it is an easy to navigate city. I have been driving to work for the past two days and have loved cruising on my own through the city.
6. Lychee Martinis. They had them in Hong Kong and I have been re-united with them here!
7. They have great festivals. Last night I was able to experience their Jazz fest and coming up they have a festival called Just for Laughs... i am so bummed I am missing this one.

The list could go on and on but I will leave it at that...

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